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12-11-2012, 10:48 AM
I have this issue as well.

I notice it most often during certain Borg encounters.
Area's of the space background will be flickering, just like described above, looking like multiple textures are fighting for the same space.

I've noticed this on multiple maps, it happens consistently when it does happen, like it is always the same maps or space backgrounds that it happens to.
I've seen it on different missions, and most recently when exploring a random system in the Khazan Cluster.

I had noticed this awhile back, and have since then updated my drivers many times, and have tried a multitude of different graphical settings; I'm even on an entirely new PC with the same issue.

I have noticed when controlling the camera while looking at this texture issue, adjusting the camera so the nebula is as far to the side of the camera, makes it look normal as if it were fixed, but looking directly straight-on at it ruins it again.

The only thing that I can think of that changes during this might be the distance from the 'backdrop' since because of the fish eye affect of field of view, the nebula would be further from the camera when looking straight on at it, then when adjusting it to be at the edge of your camera. I hope that makes sense.

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