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dude just take a second. got take ur meds and calm down.
So now you want me to be REALLY Angry at you?

its not the end of the world. I for one was actually surprised when they announced dr. marcus, since that woman looks alot like the the dr lady from the gary mitchel episode.
who is also older

forgive me but i can never stay awake long enough to watch most of TOS. just because Its marcus doesnt mean that we r looking at Khan either. because kirk and Marcus had a relationship b4 khan, even though they didnt show it. They gotta make David somehow. so naturally it would need to b when they were younger. So take a breath. sit back and just wait till May when all of our suspicions and theories will either b proven or disproven.
Happily thats now impossible
David will never be born
Genesis will never exist

I for one look forward to this ST. Abrams brought life back to a dieing franchise. After the bitter disappointment that was Nemesis and Enterprise. ST needed a new perspective. An alternate universe is good then.
No he kicked a wounded one until it was bleeding

What, you don't think Marcus would look a bit sexier when she was thirty years younger than in TWOK?
NO to be honest
as a slasherette she just looks like all other slasherettes

Originally Posted by sollvax
its a broken timeline which needs sealing
this is EXACTLY what the Wells ship was built for

Except it's not a broken timeline. It's a new parallel universe that's identical to the original up till 2233.
when it ENDS
with the destruction of the timeline

Whether you liked the movie or not, it saved the franchise. Period.
The film made less money than the DVD of TOS
so saved not so much

Q transcends the timeline though lol. They're omnipotent after all; being a child is the same thing as appearing as one to them
he is not omnipotent Omnipresent or omnicognicent
he is merely an annoyance
but as a cute child he would be slightly more believable

The 'entire planet' lost was in JJ's timeline, not the Prime one

JJ killed Two planets
one in each Verse

And so every series that has multiple timelines are broken too? Remember in TNG, they had a quantum issue, which had multiple Enterprise-D's show up, from many timelines? JJ's Trek is nothing new, just an addition to the list of timelines
Laws of Trek
Multiple timelines always collapse into the prime line