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12-11-2012, 10:02 AM
vax, now I think you're arguing a lost cause here.

Yep as some people still argue the Earth isn't flat and some argue that global warming is not caused by flatulent cows in devon

You have your opinion, we get that. But you keep taking things out of ST's context, and using them to tear down this film, simply because you don't like it. You have some good points (such as two planets, one from each timeline), but mostly they're buried in the sheer twisting of words you do.
JJ is incompetent
he has destroyed something precious to those of us who were there from the start

Example for Americans He has rewritten the constitution into "rap speak"
Example for Europeans he has taken shakespeare and made all the characters talk with a German accent and wear high heels

And you're refusing to answer or acknowledge any intelligent logic used against you. That's not a good indicator of your intelligence or frame of mind, and I'll leave it at that.
Someone called me a Drug monkey

There is no logic in a change in time making EVERYONE younger and blonder

So I'll say this: this film drew interest to ST, and that's a good thing. Period
and then sent it away again

as the new hobbit film will destroy the book for entire generations of youngsters