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Originally Posted by sollvax
Happily thats now impossible
David will never be born
Genesis will never exist

Says who?
He will not allow Kirk to become a Daddy it would ruin his edgy "metro" appeal

He revived interest in a franchise that had laid dormant for seven years, something unheard of since TNG's premier. Millions of people watched the Abrams movie, many of whom are now devoted fans of TOS, TNG, and the others.
yes and they HATED it in many cases
I know people who took their kids to it hoping to make them trekies and then went home and threw away their collections of memorabilia

Even if you dispute that it was a commercial success, it made the franchise accessible again.
it made less than $2 on the $1 (so hollywood wisdom calls it a flop)
Originally Posted by sollvax
when it ENDS
with the destruction of the timeline

That...doesn't make any sense.
Any time line that is disrupted eventually collapses

Originally Posted by sollvax
he is not omnipotent Omnipresent or omnicognicent
he is merely an annoyance

He has his moments. I enjoyed him in "All Good Things..."
he is number three on my "characters who need to die forever " list

Originally Posted by sollvax
Laws of Trek
Multiple timelines always collapse into the prime line

Never heard of it.
there are certain laws of trek
Example beautiful women ALWAYS fall for the handsome hero
Someone on a landing party always violates the religious taboo Etc

sollvax, you're still doing it

And your answer that The Hobbit will destroy the book for generations of readers is pretty telling... The Lord of the Rings films were a success, and you're implying they're a failure
Have you got the book??

if so please re-read it and tell me where in it you find
"im not sure its a sword exactly more of a letter opener"
Radagast appearing other than a mention
The Great Goblin being the size of a troll
ANY of the Dwarves being a "warrior hero" they are coal miners
A quest to reclaim the homeland? its a burglary

and thats all from one trailer