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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Have you got the book??

if so please re-read it and tell me where in it you find
"im not sure its a sword exactly more of a letter opener"
Radagast appearing other than a mention
The Great Goblin being the size of a troll
ANY of the Dwarves being a "warrior hero" they are coal miners
A quest to reclaim the homeland? its a burglary

and thats all from one trailer
Sollvax, for God's sake, the one law of book-to-movie transtitions is that they're NEVER the exact same. Books aren't naturally suited to the big screen; that's why they make changes.

And it's one trailer, not the whole movie; you can't make assumptions this early. For the Hobbit or Into Darkness

And I know a person who's the BIGGEST fan of the Lord of the Rings you could find. She saw the films, and thought they were so well done, she couldn't read the books without imagining the film's potrayal of them... THAT's how good it was. She thinks the film is ten times better, in other words

And 2$ to the 1$? How is 384mil total less than double 150mil? (And don't tell me you only count domestic, because that's just plain idiotic)
Was named Trek17, but still an author.

Been playing STO since Open Beta, and have never regarded anything as worse than 'meh'. I have nothing against the game/devs, nor any particular wish to talk bad about either, or praise most decisions. Still, it's better to be positive than cynical.

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