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12-11-2012, 10:30 AM
So having slept on this, I'm wondering how a Bortasqu' would fair when paired with a tackler or two?

Personally, I'd agree with DDIS and his experience flying KDF BCs... and this would obviously be more thematic than anything - maybe something the RP-PvP folks might try.

If you can hold the target in place for the Bortasqu' so it can unload - could you make it a tank killer? Dropping debuffs from one or two tacklers, while holding it in place - and - a teamwork sort of thing?

All sorts of better comps come to mind, no doubt - but would it be feasible, eh?

As a target comes in to kill the Bort', snag it, the Bort' burns any turn buffs, faces the target and unloads...

I don't know - can't say, never ran a paid Bort'. I do remember back when the Bortas and Ody came out though - I had lots of fun in the Ody...the Bortas - not so much. It was great for a Good Day To Die - Feds would come from all over to kill you (course, you had to fly without shields and no armor consoles or it could take too long)...
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