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12-11-2012, 11:59 AM
I prefer the hit and run KDF playstyle for a couple of reasons.

1. The Feds have better escorts and sci ships for longer drawn out fights. These ships are designed to be supported. Raiders aren't. They are also better built for maxing damage and sci ablities.

2. I find the playstyle to be more fun.

So, I think a KDF Cruiser that doesn't fit this mold needs to be able to survive w/it's "wingmen" withdrawing and leaving it outnumbered since it really won't have that option. Compare that w/Fleet Torkaht and even Karfi can be made nimble. The other carrier can have more survivability.

Tbh, I just don't think it fits w/the KDF. This doesn't mean don't use it, but imo there are better options.

As far as damage potential, imo the it is either a supplier a constant pressure dps or built to spike. Given its turn rate I think the Fleet Torkaht can apply better spike since it has a decloak damage boost to make up for having 1 less Tac console w/the exception of when the ship CRF console is available. Imo, the Fleet Torkaht can also apply better pressue dps, since it can be built to use DHCs w/CVS chained vs Single cannons or turrets. Also, w/the critH repairs coming w/reputation system turrets/single cannons will lose some net dps compared to the stronger DHC damage. This doesn't even consider the KDF Vet ship w/Decloak and Lotus damage potential to match the CRF console, and it can hit and run even easier w/BC and better speed/agility.