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Originally Posted by sollvax
Some people now mourn for the Real Scotty

The "real" Scotty is, as far as we know, still alive and well in the prime universe.
Sadly not
July 20, 2005 he died
A great loss to trekdom

Originally Posted by sollvax
Most expensive film in the canon
smallest profit margin
it bombed

I personally view success as either "making enough of a profit to justify the expenses" or "opening the door to possible sequels". Or in the case of the 2009 movie, both.

allowing for inflation and costs it was the worst performing in a very long time

You're right that the "branching" Abramsverse timeline is a bit of an oddity. But the powers-that-be have specifically stated that the original timeline still exists, and the two run simultaneously. That's canon enough for me.
but neither can really be called whole
one has no vulcan the other no Romulus

Originally Posted by sollvax
I pray not

It would be one hell of an episode.
Three episode arc more likely

Originally Posted by sollvax
the problem is they are trying to spread a book shorter than any of the trilogy into three films
AND turn it into an action film

I agree completely on the "three-films" thing - they're trying to milk the book as much as possible. But that doesn't necessarily mean the movies won't be good. They'll just be...different.
yes up there with
"charlies angels full throttle" im sure

And I've heard that there's supposed to be a big battle in the book that involves goblins, wolves, a dragon, and six-foot spiders. Not sure if that's accurate though.
No its not

Theres a battle with Goblins , wolves , dwarves , humans , elves and one hobbit
A battle with humans and a dragon
and a battle with giant spiders all in the book

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