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Just what a little internet searching can do on a subject.

Chekov evacuates his ship and then crashes it into the three Klingon cruisers, destroying all four ships in the process and (inadvertently) all of the evacuees as well.

Sulu realizes it is probably a trap and refuses to cross the Neutral Zone.

Scott bypasses the Klingon shields with an unorthodox technical trick that could only work within the simulation's physics model, and not in reality. Although he is initially successful, the Enterprise is eventually overwhelmed by a continual stream of Klingon reinforcements. Scott is then reassigned from the command track to engineering, which was his intention all along.

Kirk reprograms the simulated Klingons to be afraid of "The Captain Kirk," arguing that he expected to build a comparable reputation.

Nog is also mentioned to have solved the scenario in two entirely different (and thoroughly Ferengi) manners.

The test is not to see how they face life and death. It is to test what happens when they are put under extreme stress, the decisions they must face, and how they will act in those circumstances.

Take Sulu for example. His exam probably stopped the moment he decided not to enter the Neutral Zone. Did he fail? No, there is no failing, he averted an entire war at the loss of a single ship.

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