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# 1 Energy Siphon III bugged.
12-11-2012, 01:02 PM
Not really the ability itself, it functions just fine. In the powers list it shows its dependent system as Deflector Dish, meaning it should have its cooldown decreased by a Deflector officer trigger. Except... it doesn't. It's not listed in the power description in the powers menu, nor does it display when I mouse over ES3 in combat. Nor is the cooldown ever reduced, it's always 1 min.

I've verified it's the ability by swapping with Gravity Well III, and the Doff trigger shows up when I mouse over that and in the powers menu.

Funny thing is, when I have ES3 slotted, I mouse over my deflector and it shows the officer triggers listed there among the deflector abilities, like it should be. I think somehow, ES3 is not connected with the deflector dish like it should be.
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