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12-11-2012, 01:28 PM
Actually you'd have an officer stand a watch called Officer of the Deck or OOD. They would be in charge of the day to day routine of the ship and would be supervised by the CO. They would be capable of running the ship while the CO slept of did Captain-y things. The OOD would stand watch with a Conning officer, whose only job was to giver orders to the helm and lee helm and the Junior officer of the Watch that acted as an assistant to the OOD.
In battle situations the ship would go to its most experience OOD and his team to take over.
If the CO had to take over and give orders it would look bad on the OOD.
Also in battle situations the XO would not be on the bridge. He would be in Engineering. His main job would be to control the damage control teams. Having him on the bridge would mean one lucky shot and a ship would lose the CO and XO.