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Also in battle situations the XO would not be on the bridge. He would be in Engineering. His main job would be to control the damage control teams. Having him on the bridge would mean one lucky shot and a ship would lose the CO and XO.
This brings up another question - while I am aware of the budgetary considerations in reality, one wonders why more battles weren't conducted, at least in part, from the Battle Bridge. The thing is likely fully functional even without saucer separation so long as the control systems are turned on and connected to the computer, and it's a battle-ready bridge so it's probably just as rugged as the regular bridge in terms of redundancies and backups. Instead, though, they keep their XO, CO, and most of the senior staff in the bridge that's right on top of the ship.

I am aware of some arguments, e.g. "it makes it easier to give it direct shield support," and I am aware of Gene Roddenberry's rules on this one, but still, once it translates in-universe it's more than a little strange when you consider the pragmatics involved.