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Originally Posted by dirlettia View Post
I thought the main reason the Bortasqu ost money is because all the time leading up to its release we were saying how much we loved it as it had plenty of potential firepower and a pretty neat ability to tank.

Just before it got released however they nerfed its turn even more, gimped its cloak and moved all shield defenses onto Sci slots which the Bortas is severely crippled on. Basically they killed it for us just prior to release.

I wouldnt have a Bortas pack now if it was given away as a bonus to buying a Hydrospray.
I think you've just solved the mystery.

In testing the Bortasqu was getting rave reviews and then Cryptic severely gimped it before it went live.

I had forgotten all the rage posts about how the Bortasqu was crippled beyond all belief but the Odyssey was barely touch and pretty much played the same has it was on tribble.