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And my character (and yours, and everyones) were lowly Ensigns given command of a starship because desperate times called for desperate measures.

Kirk helped save the Earth. I think that probably got him a passing grade in whatever classes he had left to do. Even the Kobiyashi Maru.
Uh... Nope... Here's the service record for my character of the same name up to the point of reaching command rank:

Service Record
Assignment History
2353  Starfleet Academy Basic Training
2353-54 Starfleet Academy Freshman Cadet
2354-55 Starfleet Academy Sophomore Cadet
2355-56 USS Harrington Midshipman
2356  Starfleet Academy Senior Cadet (Engineering Division)
2357  USS Pegasus Engineering Technician - Ens
2357  USS Pegasus Engineering Consultant - Lt
2357  Starfleet Intelligence Operative Assigned to Bajoran-Cardassian Occupation -Lt
2360  Starfleet Intelligence Operative - Lt.Cmdr
2362  Project Xander Designer/Test Pilot - Cmdr
2363  USS Akira Commanding Officer Shakedown Cruise - Cmdr
2363  USS Akira Commanding Officer - Capt

Picard jumped a few grades on his route to the Captain's Chair in an almost plausible way, but the idea of a cadet on academic suspension being given command of a starship...