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The BoP could be called 'iconic' because that's pretty much all we ever saw in TNG and later. There were exceptions, but not many of them.

I'd agree that the D7 is also an 'iconic' ship. They've been around a lot longer, and strongly identified with long before we ever saw a BoP. But now that I've flown BoP's I have a hard time wanting to fly a battlecruiser.

I'd have to agree with the Bortasq' not being a ship I'd want to fly, let alone buy. I have one of the freebies and I've never bothered to unpack it after I'd test flown one and saw all of the stats. On the other hand, I was sorely tempted to buy an Oddy pack even though the inertia makes it a beast to pilot. But, for now, I'm sticking with my free Odyssey.
Well, not to get pulled into the 'most iconic' debate again I'll concede that BoPs were seen more post film era, my guess is with empire dying BoP's were cheaper to build and crew so there likely were more on patrol while larger ships were aiding in the evacuation of the homeworld.

That does not explain why the game chose to include more powerful versions of a scout ship than the mainstay of the Klingon fleet for generations. Having started this game in BoPs and eventually test flying the free D7 I quickly moved to the more balanced (and powerful) Raptor class but wish to return to the cruiser IF cryptic could figure out that a battlecruiser is NOT a science ship nor healer. They gave us a tactical Bortas that can't turn around without the gravatic help of a nearby star, so why can't they do the same for our iconic battlecruiser (with better than cruiserlike maneuverability)???
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