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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
The Odyssey is still a superior tank and superior all around cruiser compared to the excelsior, regardless of the version. Yes, the Excelsior is superior in firepower and hull total (4 tac slots and 900 more hull, really?). But in everything else, the Odyssey still comes out on top.

In fact, the Excelsior is outmatched by the Fleet Regent.

No redundant Ensign eng slot
+5 more power to weapons
LT universal boff slot

The only things the Excelsior has on the Regent is the 1 turn rate, and somewhat better inertia, both of which are not really an issue.

Same Hull
Same console slots
Same LTC Tactical
Same Shield Mod

So really, the Excelsior falls under the Regent in tactical power, under the Odyssey in tanking and all around abilities, and to top it all off. She's uglier then sin itself. So basically, an in between red headed step child that's in the Tier 3 ship yard and easier to get than the other two.
Your post made me wince tbh... For starters, the Fleet Excelsior is actually a better tank than the Odyssey. A muuuch better tank, since she can actually move around. That added defense bonus from movement is very noticeable. Secondly, with her better turn rate, she can adjust which shield facing is on the enemy with far greater ease than the Odyssey.

And tbh, the Imperial is a joke. It really is. If you look at it's stats, and compare them to the Fleet Excelsior, yeah, she looks stronger in the Tactical region. Also that Univeral BOff you are almost forced to put into science. But until someone actually gets one and flies it, I think we need to leave her out of discussions.

The only thing the Odyssey has over the Excelsior (other than the arguable appearance factor) is versatility. The Excelsior is left in the dust when it comes to the ability to change roles from DD Cruiser, to pure tank cruiser, to healboat cruiser, all in the same battle. The Odyssey can do this because of her two universal BOff slots. But other than that, she's gotten left behind.
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