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Well they didn't listen to us when I talked about Tric Mines and Subsystem repair on humans for KDF and Fed being necessary fix to combat viral doffs.

Well now I'm here to talk about the tier 4 Omega reputation passive buff. A science ship is averaging 1600 shields every 6 seconds, 1400 for a cruiser every 6 seconds, and 1200 for an escort every 6 seconds. Correct me if I am wrong on these numbers, but I know they're close nonetheless.

I have been closely recording the heals being administered by this passive. It is effectively healing at a rate of 33% of which the broken Jem Hadar shields were healing when they were broken in junction with the shield distribution doffs. Or in better terms, a player gets an Emergency Power to Shields 1 every 6 seconds. For a cruiser that's 14,000 shields per minute, which mostly exceeds the usual cap these days as it is. Not to mention all their all other heals from team mates and their own + other passives. A player can administer 20,000 + shields to themselves.

I kind of knew this when I first took a glimpse at the passive. However I refrained from saying anything because I was reamed and screamed at when my feed back was called confetti by Borticus. I had pre-emptively began a thread about the new Viral and Jam Sensor doffs being OP before they came out. So this time I waited until this stuff was being used rampantly in the community. I was right then, and I am right again.

Please don't call this confetti, because this truly is OP just like the other stuff I talked about. Your Dev team can save a lot of time, money and effort when releasing stuff upon testing it with the PvP community.

Here's the other bad part to this situation, these passives can be respec'd through the use of a respec token. Some people aren't able to (I guess another bug), so this may cost people respec tokens and for some a permanent passive that could be nerf'd into something else. Anyway, goes right back to testing this stuff with the community on a regular basis.

That list of fixing continues to grow immensely.

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