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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
Should we be concerned that it's not on a secure connection?
Only if the data isn't sent over HTTPS. You can have an HTTP page it items (in the code) set to HTTPS. Some part was, but I don't know enough to know what.

To be safe, add the HTTPS: yourself and make a bookmark to that so you don't forget.


When Doffing becomes a part of this, this is how I'd want it to work.

I'd like your missions to match the location you are at in game. Then if you want to move to a different sector, you would select a location, and 'fly' there, probably via a timer. Timer could be tied to warp speed. This would then change your location in game.

I would imagine that you couldn't be logged in to do that, but if you could be on your bridge, that would be so sweet!

Imagine being on your bridge, doing stuff, and telling it where to go via map, either in-game or from Gateway. That would be sweet. It would just have to change where you came out at when you exited bridge.