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Or tweak BO and FAW to be a bit better than they currently are.
I like this idea. Honestly I think beams have more problems than cruisers, since nothing at all synergies with broadside firing.
The problem is more with beams than cruisers.

As for no synergies with broadside firing there are two skills both engineer career skills (EPS Power transfer and Nadion inversion) those two allow a broadside cruiser to do a lot of damage however the lacking beam damage shafts anyone in their right mind playing anything that's not an engineer out of the cruiser ship range.

With regard to beam buffs, if FAW used acc mods it would be fine EPtW and an EPS flow reg will support it and an AP:B on top will do some considerable damage and raise team DPS as a side effect.

I do maintain that Beam overload needs a rethink though, since someone mentioned a bug with it in the past that made it affect all beams I have put forward an idea that was widely ignored, making it affect all beams for a given period of time (likely the same as CRF) costing an extra 50% power per beam for each beam to do 50% damage per hit with maybe a 25% reduction in firing rate for the power system to recover a little or make it good for 1 volley (likely a better option as a weapon battery will then have you back on your feet) with a 25% extra cooldown on each beam fired before you can fire a standard volley.

Having done this make DHCs cost an extra 50% power to fire, they ARE heavy cannons after all, it would also give DCs an advantage, and then make CRF and CSV an extra power cost, this would help things a little as well as making escort damage more reasoned rather than "I have pew pew, let's add straight buffs with no draw back, now rather than pew I have boom", then on top of this make heals of all kinds finally percentage based (a suedo-code can be found in one of the cruiser threads), forcing escorts to move more and making the cruiser's extra hull and science higher aux power mean more.
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