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Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Here is a video showing the effect of the T4 placate proc:

Regarding the healing procs: I also felt that they were too powerful when I first saw the stats. Today I could do some tests thanks to some friendly players who had reached T4 rep. The healing is completely overpowered. A tactical escort with the two T4 shield heals and a regular EPtS/TSS/TT escort setup was able to tank the damage of a tactical Jem'hadar ship while standing still. With only TT and shield redistribution in addition to the procs one can almost tank a tactical DPS cruiser.

And of course Cryptic took precautions: Neither of the two heals show up in the combat log as to avoid hard numbers being posted to show just how bad the situation is.
Thanks for the video. I recall Borticus saying that all of the T4 abilities had an immunity timer. I guess that's not the case for the placate proc.

As for the Romulan T4 ability, I didn't think the 10% heal was that big a deal. I would think the ~1k shield regen every 6 seconds would be the bigger issue.

Guess I'll wait before choosing an ability to see if there's a balance check given to those abilities.

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