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12-11-2012, 04:33 PM
The ship balance is fine. The issue really is about the nature of the end game challenges that we're put against. Almost universally the challenge is "kill this bunch of stuff quickly", which naturally favours the heavy dps of the escort. The game would be completely different if all boss-like entities had their hull and shields full healed every time a player ship died. Heck, compare elite space to elite ground. If you go down in ISE, you just hit respawn after a few seconds, and then fly back into the fight. In IGE, someone has to walk over to you to get you up again, and release-reenter means restarting the entire of the end boss fight.

If you step into pvp, the relative balance is apparent. Put two good players of equal skill with one in a cruiser, one in an escort, its an even fight.

Yeah, i'd like to see some variety in the end game space fights.