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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I don't know if you guys are serious about wanting an explanation, but just in case. The issue was this:

U.S.S. Atlas Deck 13 floor is set to 1196.9 Relative To Terrain (the reason it's an odd number is a long story). When converted to Relative To Zero that comes out to only about 1193, so coordinates set Y Relative To Zero are about 4 higher.

I set the patrol path to 1197.8 and selected Y Relative To Terrain, but the selection isn't working, so it used Y Relative To Zero. 1197.8 Relative To Zero is really something like 1201.8 Relative to Terrain. Since the ceiling was set to 1201.1 Relative To Terrain, it was actually below the patrol points.

So, the NPCs kept jumping when there was a ceiling because they kept thinking "I'm supposed to be up there!". Whereas when there was no ceiling they simply accepted that they couldn't fly and remained on the ground.

Long story short: Patrol points are incorrectly using Y Relative to Zero regardless of what you have selected.
Interesting. You have stairs on that map with different levels. How do you deal with that if Y relative to geo doesn't work?