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I think it depends on the bridge structure...
Yes, in TNG, Riker was very much Picard's right hand, because he had very little to actually do on the bridge. At least on the Enterprise-E, he actually had a fully consoled position (his swivel unit on D hardly counts) to otherwise occupy his time (I always assumed it to be a communications console) I'm trying to think of times Chakotay gave specific orders on the bridge from his own seat (I expect he did, but none spring to mind) However. In TOS, Spock was never giving orders from Kirk's side. He was the Science Officer, and pretty much First Officer in title only. Likewise, neither Sulu nor Harriman had XOs at their side, nor did Sisko while in command of the Defiant (nor Watters, in command of the Valiant) so I'd say it depends on the structure of the bridge... Enough seats by the Captain, the First Officer has to actually serve as the XO... Isolated command chair, and the First Officer is an officer with a departmental specialty...

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