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that video, wow. both look terrible. guess what occurs at an all time high currently? crits! guess what sets these passives off? crits! on my maxed out for crit character, against npcs i seem to crit more often then not, and in pvp i see 5 in a row all the time. that character is about to go from my most deadly to my least effective if my crits start working against me so severely.

or i suppose i could be a truly terrible person and take the placate passive. i already hate it from the KHG shield, its a player debuff not a ship debuff, and now its going to be twice as wide spread. lets min max for the hell of it shall we? KHG shield, the pasive, and jam with its doff on top. become un-target-able, un-dual-able.

for the shield passive well, might as well strap on the borg shield for a 3 set bonus, hitpoints are an irrelevant thing if you have rsp, bfi doffs, epts, tss, 3 part borg, and the new shield passive all regrowing your shields faster then they can be damaged.

ive already seen healer cruisers with truly impenetrable shields running around, admitting that it became so once they got to tier 4.

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And of course Cryptic took precautions: Neither of the two heals show up in the combat log as to avoid hard numbers being posted to show just how bad the situation is.
now that is BS, the borg set heals show up. i was looking forward to parcing and seeing an extra ~25% shield heals from this, if i get it. i mean i expect at least that.
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