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12-11-2012, 06:47 PM
Lovely, more PvP elitism. Back in the real world, any player with half the STF experience required for a Mk XII set has seen Extend Shields, and has probably had it used on them and been impressed by its power. They may not be familiar with APA specifically, but they certainly understand the idea that many abilities boost firepower. Many will even have builds significantly better for STFs than a build designed for PvP. That's not to say that PvE builds are better than PvP builds, or vice versa, rather they are optimized for the different conditions of the two modes of combat, and the different playstyles they require.

Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
PvE doesn't require anything other than sheer damage. If anything is narrow in scope it's the PvE builds (fail builds that are generally poorly balanced).
Certainly PvE builds are narrow in scope to the extent that they are designed to fulfill their role in PvE, and lack counters to some standard things in PvP. But a build that does its job to the exclusion of everything else is not necessarily bad. In fact, it may be good, since it does not waste its limited abilities, weapons, and consoles on things that it does not need to do.

Putting a PH on a cannon or DBB/turret sci in PvE, for example, would be a waste. Speed is not a significant factor in survivability for PvE, in fact standard tactics call for reducing speed and sitting almost still in space in order to keep all weapons and abilities on a slow moving target like a cube. Under those circumstances, being trapped in a tractor beam simply doesn't matter, and PH would be a waste of a valuable ability slot which can be better used on a heal, a shield drain, or even a tractor beam.