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12-11-2012, 05:49 PM
I think Cruisers are underpowered in the following ways:
  1. Turn rate is abysmal
  2. Real DPS is too low (how can you maintain broadside when the 'scort or even sci has maneuvered away in 3 seconds)
  3. Miracle Worker isn't performing miracles since S5
  4. Engineer Capt Skills in general are one offs and not multiplicative (as Tac Cpt's are for dps, for example), in other words very little synergy with each other
  5. Give us more aggro/tanking skills; 'scorts still tank even with S7
  6. In a good PvP team we heal/support; in PvE everyone is out for themselves so it's almost impossible to be an effective healer/supporter
  7. Allow us to change BOFF officers/skills between tanking and support w/o screwing up our space skill trays.