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Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post
If Cryptic believed this to be true and working,wouldn't they have long done something like that?

They had how many years now to make PvP great?
Forget for a moment that this is Startrek Online PvP.

Imagine some game company would launch a "Startrek - The Fall of Khitomer" Online Game that focuses on a war breaking out in the Alpha Quadrant. They promise to launch a game focusing on a war between Klingon and Federation, and stretch goals also include Romulans, Breen, Cardassians and Dominion Troops, and maybe a Borg, Specias 8742 and Iconians as PvE factions.

They have a reasonable good looking engine for a free to play title and intersting game mechanics. And they have the license basically guaranteed as long as they can get the kickstarter off. Would you consider it?

If you're saying "Only if it's not Cryptic" - fair enough.
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