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You need to be in a fleet in order to get any of the fleet ships. Once in a fleet, these ships cost 4 fleet modules plus a certain amount of fleet credits. However, if you have previously purchased a C-store version of the fleet ship you're wanting to buy, then the cost will be 1 fleet module plus a certain amount of fleet credits.

First and foremost though, you will have to be a member of a fleet in order to buy a fleet ship. And that fleet will have to have a shipyard of appropriate level for the ship you want. You will also need to be in a fleet to have accumulated the amount of fleet credits you'll require for the purchase. Fleet credits are obtained by contributing to fleet projects.

At the end of the day... you'll have to join a fleet and contribute to projects in order to accumulate the credits you need to buy a fleet ship... Then you'll have to buy Fleet modules from the C-store or Exchange.

I hope that helps.

EDIT: If you're looking for a fun and active fleet to get you started, PM me ingame - @c0nd1t10nr3d . We have a fully stocked shipyard and we are extremely helpful to newer members!

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