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Originally Posted by ocholivis View Post
e) give us an option(!) to disable the Account Guard completely.
That has nothning to do with security. Use SSL ...
No. It has everything to do with security.

SSL only guarantees the data between the client browser and the server. Who's to say the client browser isn't being used by someone other than you?
That's what account guard is for. Confirms with you via an email address only you should have access to that someone is attempting to login with your credentials on another device/browser.
Otherwise if I was to obtain your STO login details via nasty means, I'd have unfettered access to your STO account without your knowledge.
Considering there was a database breach at Cryptic a while ago, these days passwords by themselves aren't the best or only solution for authentication no matter how complicated the password is.
Whilst a pain, 2 factor authentication solves this problem.
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