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According to Star Trek (The movies/TV shows) not STO, a single photon torpedo is more than enough to toast any unshielded vessel. (Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, Generations) The original 1701 Enterprise, the unnamed frieghter Kruge destroyed, and the Enterprise D were all destroyed in this same manner. Lack of shields means lack of emergency, atmospheric, dampers. Any measurable hull breach would then crush the vessel in seconds, as all the oxygen evacuated into space. Also in the simulation, the Klingons attack from multiple vectors, rendering your strategy futile.
That's pretty much incorrect. There are a number of situations where an unshielded hull breach did not result in the immediate destruction of the vessel (the Defiant comes to mind, even though it was destroyed in the end, it was not due to that). The original Enterprise was destroyed by auto-destruct, although it was crippled with decent torpedo shots. Note that the Enterprise, in the second movie, sustained at LEAST one torpedo strike with minimal or no shields. The Enterprise-A, in fact, sustained a very severe torpedo strike causing a hull breach straight THROUGH the saucer when the shields had collapsed. And a freighter is not going to have the armor or redundancy of a ship built for deep space exploration and possible warfare.

That said, in TNG it WAS stated that a single torp could blow up the Enterprise if fired too close to the ship (I believe it was the episode where the Pakleds were involved).

However, as the Enterprise-D sustained several torpedo strikes during its final battle, it's not exactly consistent. While the Enterprise-D was ultimately destroyed, Geordi seemed pretty convinced that it was the final strike that actually caused the damage that led to the warp core destabilizing and ultimately breaching.

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