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12-11-2012, 06:29 PM
Everyone has worked remote. Some group recordings have been done for scenes in teamspeak with it's record function, others edited separate in audacity.

I was very busy and should have elaborated more so here we go.

My audio engineer/co-producer, Steven Trent, is an extremely experienced editor for these endeavours. I am fortunate due to my association with Sub-space radio, to have volunteers who know their craft and I hope the passion shows.

Starfinder is what I see as "a child of the Foundry". It was inspired by the concept of sharing stories and original adventures in a background we all love. I am doing this for the entire community and myself, it's my way of "giving back" for the great work Cryptic and the Devs have done in allowing people like myself the ability to express my creative side inside the game with the Foundry, and take it to new realms of possibility.

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