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I noticed that earlier and did some testing:
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I did some more testing and made pictures.

My new testing confirms my earlier hypothesis. My Boffs WERE getting relocated to the zero point on the map.(the location of 0/0/0 coordinates)

For some reason on ground exterior maps the zero point is (at least sometimes) outside the actual map.


Here we have a tiny wall that barely protrudes above ground.


But my boffs "trip" on it and warp to the zero point. Yeah, I can see the location of my boffs on the mini map. I've had this happen in at least one other exterior ground map and it was the same location then too.

Prior to season 7, this same scenario would cause my boffs to stop moving and stand there like idiots.
This seems to happen for ANY reason the Boffs would need to path around something. In the pictures I used a tiny wall that is so low you can WALK over it. (IIRC) when they reach it they warp to the zero point.... Why? The expected behavior is for them to path around it by jumping.

I have seen this in some situations where there was no objects visible that they were trying to path around. But... those were situations involving submerged objects. They were moving over something I recessed into the ground.

But.... I can't say for certain that I have a complete list of causes for this behavior. I've seen some other really flaky stuff. The map I'm using for Zelatta ground has really screwball map spawn behavior. apparently the game is trying to spawn me 20 feet under ground..... then relocates me to the actual spawn point.... My Boffs sometimes blink out on this map immediately after spawning. I've also seen them spawn dead..... that was REALLY weird.... they started in a KOed state, but at the normal spawn location.

Does your example have any objects that are currently invisible but set to appear later? Redshirt#2 looked like he was trying to run around something while disappearing. Didn't see #1, #3 and #4 appeared to disappear while bumping into the doorjamb.

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