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12-11-2012, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
This is the same bug that's happening in space, except on the ground. Whenever NPCs need to use (nonexistent) pathing data in preview they just warp to 0,0,0 wherever that happens to be. Before they used to just make do without it and get stuck, which was better than completely disappearing.

Basically it seems like warping to 0,0,0 has been added as some sort of failsafe when the pathing fails, which it does all the time in preview.
If this is the sign of a pathing fail, then it must fail every 3 seconds in the Foundry preview. I think your theory is wise.

I'm just not sure how I will make missions with that fail safe in preview. Basically, I'll have to use the preview to build sets and then each mission will have weeks of "Yes, this is published, but DO NOT PLAY! Testing in progress."

Meh... it's not like we can actually test combat anyway. But, it will be incredibly frustrating for new authors who have no idea how scaling and mobs work.