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Originally Posted by jackdonner View Post

Which is where i had orginally posted this. Which is also why it still hasnt been answered because noone reads this forum.
With out a dev confirmation (and you aren't going to get one at this stage), it is impossible to say definitely whether or not the Andorian Ship(s) will or will not be a C-store item.

That said, It is a very good chance. Unless the make a free one, which I doubt they would do.

As for a potential for it to be a Lockbox, There is next to no chance of that. As stated, Lockboxes are for ships that CBS doesn't want in general quantities, because it would not be IP appropriate. For instance, It is unlikely that the Federation would have a Galor or D'kora.

However, (and again pointed out earlier) The Andorians are founders of the Federation, Like the Vulcans, So there is no reason you wouldn't have Andorian Ships.