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12-11-2012, 09:16 PM
Bran you've been about, you've tinkered with the PvP crowd, so beyond, "We'll be doing a review of what's going on in STO at the time of filming, as well as some teasers of what's to come." you might offer some interesting information to more casual players on how to play better, you could even encourage some to try KDF or PvP. For those reasons I am curious to see how your show will shape up. But given your position in Cryptic I expect a bias, (I hope you prove me wrong to a degree).

As for Whit, you've suggested that you have played the game for about three months, what do you see yourself bringing to the table? To be frank I prefer intelligent women so I will be sorely disappointed if you turn out to be worth little more than eye candy, (not saying you will of course just an expression of my expectation). Sure the OPvP chat channel is rough and uncouth but if you ask I am certain more than a few would be happy to get you up to speed with the more intangible aspects of the games mechanics.
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