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12-11-2012, 09:17 PM
Today i was running in a Pug on KASE and every thing started out great. Plenty of DPS going from the escorts to the cruiser. We manage to take the left side pretty quick, and about that point the game decided "F$% these guys" and begins getting mean. Granted i'm in the fleet defiant, and i've got it set with consoles for iso charge, borg, and subspace jump and such so it's a little squishy at times, but that said it's been a LONG time since i've had my shields torn through that fast as well as my hull.

I've noticed that a lot lately the bleed through has been pretty bad, dropping way too much hull with shields still up, but then a few times i get hit with "Cube deals 52520 (103008) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo - Heavy II" which in a defiant is no fun when they're invisible, even the autoturret doesn't see it coming. We go from optional with minutes to spare to 8/10 probes through and people dying left and right, sadly me the most. Controls keep locking up on respawn for multiple people and at one point Donatra pops off the thalaron pulse taking out two or three people right as they respawned at the same time. Checking the combat log i was taking damage from the scimitar's turrets long after it cloaked so i knew it wasn't fired right before cloaking, but even the turrets were dealing major damage. The sphere's were killing people way too easily, the tractor probes were doing damage without using the beams or visibly firing anything, and donatra was kicking some but and taking names.

We managed to beat her after a few minutes, but it was still a head hung in shame silent ending when we started out so great only to have a laundry list of problems spring up half way through. The team was great, especially for a pug, but they knew what they were doing, they all seemed like good people, yet some how the game decided that run just wouldn't be a good one.