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Originally Posted by sonicshower View Post
I've given Cryptic/PWE enough of my money for the past two years hoping for good PVP and lead astray. I will not be giving anymore. I stopped playing after seeing what a joke the New Romulus (Farmville) Adventure Zone was. They did however offer me a free Enterprise Era uniform unlock to come back(lol). Obviously im not their target audience and it's pretty much a given most of you in this forum are not as well. I appreciate your love for Star Trek everyone but it really is not enough to keep me PVPing in this game as I am not a masochist. I've been around almost two years so I don't need to elaborate on what would keep me in PVP as it's pretty much the same reason as other vet players have called it quits for the time being. If Stahl and company put in some try hard effort in regards to PVP I would be more than willing to dip my toes into the sandbox again on a more regular basis. *Drops mic* im out
Do you mean the Enterprise Era outfit they gave to a random MMO website to give away in the form of THOUSANDS of keys? Ouch that's pretty grim lol.