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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
And here is another perspective

All games older than about a year or two costs 50 $ or less ! STO is from 2010...

If each ship is worth 25 $ how much should the game cost if we say 3 ships x 4 tiers x 2 factions ?

24 x 25 dollars ?

Hats off to you if you feel paying the price of a full game for one pity little item is you making a bargin
Your example is not realistic. You can't compare a boxed game from 2010. The STO from 2010 to now, are two completely different games and the available content like Christmas events and the like still cost money to produce and make. It's like me saying freelancer
only cost me x dollars but two years down the track it's the same game. Unlike Sto with new episodes, new content, new items, new ships. Do you not think this comes from no where?