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12-11-2012, 10:48 PM
Well I wanted to get into soon as i log in it asked for a verisfication code becasue it said i am not using a browser i normally do?!??!

So first time i log into it it says this?!??!

So i go to my email which is taking a very long time to is slow-mo

And i see the screen says i am disconnected formthe gateway?!?!?

Not sure what to make of this...oh i see it does the same hting while i have not logged in and am sitting at the login screen.

Also it takes a while to now i finaly am able to access my email.....and hmm taking a while to load.....growing old waiting....
goign to guess it wills end another code iritate me....

Ok so it did

Finaly get into the system...get a character select.....and select a character...and boom disconnected from the gateway message but the background is still working....?!??!?

Ok so not sure what to make of this.

ANywise I am hoping inthe future we can look up other we could inthe always amused me to see someone post on the forums how they did this or that and ran out of things to do....then look them up and find they didnt do anythign of the sort....
and when you pointed it out to them....they wouldnt respond or say too much anymore.