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12-11-2012, 10:48 PM
I have finally found others who are having similar problems to me! My launcher hasn't worked for what feels like a week but is most likely 4 days. Whenever they started maintence. I tried bypassing the launcher which did not work and crashed. Here's an interesting tid-bit: There are certain parts of star trek online which won't resolve through DNS. So going through for example works fine but as I have just tried anything having to do with the domain of just fails. Interestingly enough Robtex has one of either the NS records or an A record coming back to a Comcast address which is unexpected. It's just strange that before maintenance * and the patch server and patcher were more or less working, but right now nothing really is working. I'm an IT guy, bored as hell and no STO... Please, dear god, Cryptic people fix STO!