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12-11-2012, 10:50 PM
If you previously had a PWE account, and visited the STO site, it automatically made it a STO account as well, with no characters. Thus, since your PWE account is attached to a STO account, you can't link it with your Cryptic account.

What you will have to do is file a support ticket, and get them to manually delete your STO account that's currently attached to your PWE account (the one with no characters on it), and then you'll be able to link it with your Cryptic one.

This is what happened to me, as I made my PWE account and used it to post on the forums here, but didn't actually try to link it to my Cryptic account months later. I had to file the ticket, and it got fixed in a few days (I submitted the ticket on Friday evening, so the couple days was to wait for Monday to come around.)

Or you can just make a new account and link it to that. I chose to go through support since I wanted all my PWE characters under the same account. Plus I already had Zen on my PWE account.
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