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12-12-2012, 12:54 AM
It's a good thing that PvPers do something about the state of PvP!

However, I have a minor nitpick about the blog post: "I should be unstoppable" is not the general idea of most people who try PvP, and then jump off disappointedly. I think the most common thought is more like "I should not be blown away like some NPC frigate in three seconds. That is humiliating. It should last a minute, so I can see what is going on."

And that is something that some balance fixing (scale down both damage-increasing powers and healing/resistance powers) and alternative PvP modes will help with: Smaller teams, a 1v1 queue (with some time-limited objective apart from "blow the other ship apart" to prevent a draw), more open PvP maps like Ker'rat (and Ker'rat should be fixed, spawns separated, and please remove the annoying warp sequences that have scored so many kills.)
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