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It's not so much that I'm a BoP player (though I usually do my best work in Escorts) as I'm looking for a different experience than what I get in my Fed Side ships, and in this case that's going for BoPs and carriers (though I recently purchased an Atrox).

On paper the Raptor looks like a regular ol' Escort (though I'll likely use my Lifetimer Destroyer a bit) and the Battlecruiser is, well, a cruiser, and if there's any type of ship that I have yet to get along with in STO, it's them (the heavier varieties at least).

Anyway, I'm glad to know that spending money on BoPs will net me some returns in the customization department, so that's definitely a plus.
A raptor's a 'Plain old escort" with a gimped turn-the rate numerically is roughly equal to a fedScort, but the point where it pivots during a turn, the "Fulcrum" of the turn, gives it handling like a fast cruiser instead of a fast escort-which is a long standing problem Cryptic has refused to address since the release of the type/class.

Really, if you think of a Raptor as a "Fast, light Cruiser with heavy guns" you're a lot closer to how it performs than trying to run it as a gun-ship/frigate (aka "Escort").

With very few exceptions, KDF Battlecruisers handle like Fed Science ships, but with DHC's , thinner shields, and no sci powers. The Tor'Kaht (admittedly a fleet vessel) has a rep as "The biggest ESCORT in the game" for a reason, and the Vor'cha tends to (one on one) do unconscionable things to Federation Cruisers with it's turn rate and ability to apply firepower.

But yeah, BoPs are pretty unique. I use the automobile analogy-

Fed Cruisers are SUV's,

KDF Cruisers are "Muscle Cars" (those big, big-engined saturday night light-to-light drag racers from the early sixties, ro the full-size "Power sedans", Aussie Falcons or American GTO...) Except the Bortasque, which is a city bus with flat tyres and bad brakes.

Fed Sci-ships are your basic import station-wagon...

Fed Escorts are your german BMW's and Mercedes sport-coupes, or "Hot Hatchbacks" like the Golf GTI.

Raptors are "Pony Cars"-Smaller versions of the american "Muscle Cars"-the Mustang, Camaro, Cortina Sport...

Bird of Prey? is a MOTORCYCLE. Big ones like the Hegh'ta are like a Harley or the heavier Triumph bikes, midsize are like the old BSA or Mid-price Japanese bikes, and the small ones, like the Norgh, are CAFE racers.
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