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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
This is simply not true. The more difficult you make the content the more important efficiency becomes. Cruisers are 'hybrids' they are not the most efficient at anything not healing not tanking not cc nothing. They do it all, and do it all well enough for most, but they are not the best. Increasing difficulty will simply make the problem more obvious. The only role that escorts are not the most efficient in are healing and energy drains that's it. But I'd rather not get into that here.

However they have created two new pieces of content that DO manage to avoid this issue. Starbase Blockade and Azure Nebula Rescue. Those missions are designed around completing an objective and you are free to do so in any manner you choose. You can heal, tank, destroy, cc, or a combination thereof. That style of content does allow a hybrid to shine.
No. Go tell the PvP folks how terrible cruisers are in their roles and that they are "hybrids". Flying them as a hybrid is a sure fire way to mediocrity though.

Survivability is a premium in HoE, because 2 of the objectives are based around it. And cruisers bring more group survivability than any other ship type.

Bottom line, your not flying it right. You can either make them as pure support boats who's healing capacity outstrips all other ship types, or you can make them into aggro magnet that can tank and do respectable damage. Both are quite useful in HOE.

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