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Thing is most of this game is single player. Building a solid heal/support ship is pretty useless if you spend most of your time as the only friendly ship in a map, and in the end you still need to do the killing yourself. And as for STFs, they're DPS oriented and I want to have to depend on and coordinate with my questionable teammates as little as possible, certainly not expect them to fit into some predefined role or be myself so pigeonholed. For the most part this is not a team game, and insulting other players for not playing how you think they should serves no purpose.
Luckily everyone can fly multiple ships of different role types, so your never shoehorned.

Any solo content is so ridiculously easy you could complete it without a single captain skill at all. The team aspect is all that matters from a balanced gameplay perspective. And yes, the end-game is heavily team oriented, regardless of whether you choose to partake or not.

Much like any MMO, if you roll into a group half-assing it with a Kirk mindset, you are going to be more a liability than an asset. I suppose we could just homogenize all the ships and make them equally capable in all aspects, cause that would be awesome

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