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12-12-2012, 01:57 AM
I just had the best worst STF experience ever.

So it was an ISE run. Everything seems normal enough; pretty standard mix of cruisers and escorts, one guy in a raptor. We're slower than normal getting through the first group, but that happens in pugs sometimes, so I thought nothing of it.

Then the guy in the Raptor says "I'm so sorry guys, I moved my gear to my new shop but forgot to set it as main!"

This is fine, I think. ISE is totally four-manable. I told him to scavenge his shuttle for anything (he had literally no gear; no engines, shields, nothing) and to at least pop Tac Fleet as often as possible. He managed to get a deflector and engine off his shuttle, but no shields.

Then somebody botched the 10% rule. Next thing I know we've lost the optional. Great.

It takes a while, but we finally clean up the mess and destroy the generator. At this point Raptor discovers he has a plasma DBB and a phaser single cannon in his inventory; better than nothing, I say.

By now, I notice two things. One, nobody is cussing at poor Raptor for his mistake. And two, people are actually talking. Everybody is cool about it, nobody's sore over the lost optional. We decide to take the Tac Cube since by the time everyone respawned (we were wiped after the second generator blew) it had bolted back to its original location. We melt through it pretty good, then go after the gate, and wrap the STF. Took a little under an hour. But y'know what? I had fun in the end.

I know I know, technically the opposite of what this thread is about, but I think it's important because it illustrates how even a terrible STF run can still yield some good.