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12-12-2012, 03:04 AM
but of course they would not scale-amazingly, this oversight by the Devs makes perfect sense, really-the mission's pretext is what?

"Make kissy face with the people who've corrupted your allies and tried to weaken the empire by stealth and skulduggary."

it's a "PUNISHMENT DETAIL"-the core of the mission set-to make contact and an alliance with the Undine is counter to every instinct a Klingon would have, not to mention Klingon cultural drives-the Undine turned the Federation against the Empire-the war is rooted in digging out a dangerous rot that has weakened the entire Alpha Quadrant!

(the above is an attempt to "No Prize" the obvious oversight-no RATIONAL KDF officer would take the idea of allying with the Undine seriously-seeking an armistice would even be somewhat anathema, given that it was undine infiltration that precipitated the need to go to war in the first place...)
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