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12-12-2012, 04:14 AM
At approximately 1 AM PST today (9 AM UTC December 12, 2012), Cryptic made a routing change that may work around this issue.

Our networking experts have done some analysis and, while the source of the Internet connectivity disruption is not known, they have made a change to route affected traffic by a different path. Our internal tests confirm that this resolves the issue for all cases we have access to.

For all individuals who were affected, we recommend checking again at this time if you are still experiencing disruption. Please disable any proxy, if you have enabled (in the Launcher) it to work around this issue; using the proxy unnecessarily may cause suboptimal performance.

I empathsize with anyone who has experienced this very disruptive issue. We really appreciate the help of everyone who has taken the time to report this issue.

We would very much appreciate any reports from customers who experienced this issue saying that their issue has been resolved.

For anyone still experiencing this issue, a report with the following information would also be very helpful:

1. Date and time that the problem began occurring, as precisely as you can tell (with time zone)
2. A quick description of exactly what sort of problem you observe (lag, rubberbanding, disconnects, etc), and when it occurs (beaming up, logging in, sitting on Earth spacedock, etc.)
3. If you have tried using a proxy in the Launcher, and if so, if it made things better.
4. Optional but helpful: The output of tracert to and the Cryptic 'nettest' program.