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Originally Posted by dom1941 View Post
lol i dont understand all the hate for the Vulcan, seems clearly havent seen a female Orion...
There's actually very little to do with the fact that she's Vulcan, although it does factor in somewhat. The main 'hate' is that is just plain bad art (sorry Original Artist, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em). Far too many things that should never have been allowed to pass on a production piece.

To sum up a few:

  1. Body position is awkward and skewed, making her look like she's about to fall on her face, which I'm sure wasn't the intent. Her center of balance is too far forward, and her body angle is way off-center for a running pose.
  2. Her firing line is direction indicated. Simply adjusting the direction her eyes are looking would improve this. Right now, she's just shootin' off in any ol' direction...hardly proper for any law enforcement or military personnel.
  3. Her expression is almost totally vacant. While Vulcans are masters of suppression and control of emotion, they are not totally devoid of it. T'Boob looks like a cross between Kristen Stewart reading her bad press and a toddler who just got her favorite toy taken away.
  4. Boobs. I like boobs. Just about everyone likes boobs. Or they lie about it. But there's a place for boobs, and it isn't pouring out of a Starfleet uniform. At least not in the quantity being poured. While I'm sure an argument could be leveled for large-breasted Vulcan women in Starfleet, or extremely low-cut or daringly open uniform closures, neither are necessary here, and in fact only add to the top-heavy and off-balance look of the subject. She could have just as easily been a C-cup with less visible cleavage and been attractive, instead of a Triple-D defying physics against whatever magical technology is holding that uniform as closed as it is.

Now, those things being listed, it doesn't matter if she's a Vulcan, an Orion, or a Human. The above still apply. The only thing that would allow for any variance would be #4, because an Orion wouldn't be likely to be in a Starfleet uniform, and would thus have more allowance given for wardrobe...flexibility.

While the background of the piece is done quite well, the female subject, in the opinion of many, simply doesn't convey what we feel is the attitude of the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek is about 'Boldly going where no one has gone before' (Handsome Phaser Guy), not 'Help me because I'm a vacuous twit who doesn't know what she's doing' (Pretty Phaser Lady).

Nothing about her says 'bold' or 'confident', everything about her says 'incompetent' and 'clumsy'.

And that's why many, including myself, feel she's not an appropriate iconic for the Star Trek Universe, or the game.

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