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12-12-2012, 04:20 AM
Logging in to does not open the "do you have a perfect world account" box, it just goes straight to the web site so I cannot link my Cryptic account.

I created an account here a while ago to be able to post on the forums but i always use my cryptic account to play STO. Logging in to STO the game with my PWE account shows an empty account with no characters.

How do I link the Cryptic account to the PWE account this way? I would like to transfer my cryptic account which has my characters to the PWE account which is empty but still retaining my PWE account for keeping track of my forum posts. I do not want to make a new PWE account.

Help please.

Ps. Both this PWE account and my cryptic account use the same user name but are separate accounts. Can that be the cause of the PWE account not registering the cryptic account?

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